Message of the Day: An Attitude of Humble Repentance

For I will bring them from the north
and from the distant corners of the earth.
I will not forget the blind and lame,
the expectant mothers and women in labor.
A great company will return
!” (Jeremiah 31:18, NLT)

God has not forgotten any of his people who have been driven into a harsh existence in distant countries. Those of both the northern kingdom Israel and the southern kingdom Judah will share in the restoration to the land of their ancestors. They will be reunited in a lad of renewed contentment and prosperity. They will join again in the national religious festivals at Jerusalem. (31:1-6)

The prophet pictures the joyous journey back to Palestine. Even the blind and the lame join in the long trek back, because God strengthens them and supplies their needs along the way. He cares for them as a father cares for his firstborn son. The God who scattered his people in many lands now gathers them. He releases them from the power of those who have held them captive. God will protect and care for his people, giving them agricultural prosperity, social contentment and religious satisfaction. (31:12-14)

When the people go into captivity there is weeping and mourning but God wants this to be replaced with rejoicing and hope. First, however, the people must acknowledge that they have sinned and that God has acted justly in punishing them. They pray to God in an attitude of humble repentance. They are now willing to take His yoke upon them but they have no power. They can only will and pray; and God, as their loving and merciful Father, forgives them. ( 31:15-20)


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